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I’m Laura Petrie, 
Counsellor and Coach.

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Laura Petrie is a Counsellor and Life Coach based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Are you...

Going through a change or crisis with a relationship, your career or your health?
Uncertain of the path forward, and need someone to talk to and a cheerleader to support you every step of the way?
Feeling stuck in life? Just surviving, or looking for more joy, purpose & meaning?
I love working with clients who are moving through life transitions, crisis or change and people who are simply looking for more joy, purpose and meaning in their lives. I see clients online via Zoom, for a single session or ongoing.

I can help you to work through your current challenges and step into a life you love! Together we will talk through your concerns and frustrations, figure out what is important to you and how you want your life to look, and then work out the steps to get you living your best life!

Do you want to reclaim your life? To go from simply surviving to thriving?

Are you ready to take action and create an incredible future?

You can book a free 15-min Inquiry call or 1:1 Session with me - Laura Petrie!

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Laura Petrie is a Melbourne Counsellor, available online and in person.

Hey there, I'm Laura Petrie

I’m a registered Counsellor, certified Life Coach, single Mumma and joy seeker.
I’m the mum of two gorgeous boys and live in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. After feeling like I was simply existing for most of my adult life, I began a journey of self-discovery and personal development in an effort to create a more positive life for me and my children. Over the next few years my world completely changed as I took radical responsibility for myself and my life, and I became focused on maximising my physical, mental and emotional health.
This positive mindset and better understanding of myself was hugely beneficial in recent years as I worked through the breakdown of my marriage, subsequent divorce, significant loss and grief, and a major career change. In 2021 I began studying Counselling and then Life Coaching to get a greater personal understanding of human psychology, and with the goal of empowering others to find more joy and meaning in their everyday lives - and that was the official beginnings of Laura Petrie Counsellor.

I believe in the power of intention and that it is the key to a happy life. If we have clarity on where we want to go, we are way more likely to get there! I will work with you to figure out what you want your future to look like, and together we will come up with a plan on how to get there.

I walk alongside clients through a process of talk therapy, reflection, clarity & action, using a combination of lived experience and formal education. I am a huge believer in taking consistent and small steps towards the life and lifestyle you want and invite you to join me on my journey of creating an incredible life!

How we will work together


Talking about the problem or concern and work out how you got to this place.


Figuring out what lights you up, what is important to you, what does your perfect life look like?


Problem solving & planning how to take intentional steps towards your desired life.
Diploma of Counselling, Australian Institute of Professional Counselling
ACA Registered
Professional Life Coach (Certified & Accredited), International Academy of Life Coaching & Entrepreneurship
Diploma of Counselling, Australian Institute of Professional Counselling ACA Registered Professional Life Coach (Certified & Accredited), International Academy of Life Coaching and Entrepreneurship
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Praise for Laura Petrie Counsellor

  • “I recently went through a separation and divorce and sought out Laura’s professional support in managing myself and my children. Laura’s empathy, caring nature & practical strategies helped me successfully work through this very challenging and stressful time and helped me maintain my positivity, focus, wellbeing and connections with others going forward.”
  • “I cannot recommend Laura highly enough. This last 6 months has been a very difficult time as I separated from my husband. I worked through this with Laura from the very beginning and she has walked me through this with a great deal of patience and respect for my situation. I would turn up to sessions feeling panicked and emotional, she would calmly talk me through it, give me advice and would always give me some small steps to focus on rather than focusing on the big picture. I would end each session feeling less overwhelmed, I felt like I had direction and some things to focus on.”
  • “Laura is very intuitive; she is a natural in this role and her empathy and compassion towards others shines through as she begins a career she was so clearly born to do. Laura sees the best in people and helps you find a way to see it within yourself.”
  • “I cannot thank Laura enough for her support during a challenging time for me. Her rational perspective, words of encouragement and strategies for success have been invaluable in helping to reframe my priorities and feel happier with a new positive mindset.”
  • “Laura is a very easy person to talk to, an extremely good listener, with no judgement. She has a real strength in supporting and guiding you through problem solving and simplifying the bigger picture. Laura has such a positive attitude, and you cannot help but feed from her uplifting and reassuring energy.”

Like to know more about me, my journey, or counselling?

My blog covers my personal journey and provides insights into the science around mental health, human behaviour & psychology. Come on over to where I share more around counselling, my life & adventures!
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Why you might book a session with Laura Petrie

Are you experiencing loss of Identity, feeling stuck or lacking purpose or joy?

I will support you to understand what is currently not working in your life, how you want to feel going forward, and assist you to take steps to reclaim your life & thrive!

Are you going through a relationship or marriage breakdown?

We will talk about your journey to this point, figure out what you want your life to look like post this relationship, and figure out the path ahead.

Have you recently entered retirement, experience a job loss or had a career change?

We will discuss your situation, get clarity on what youwould like for your future, and create an action plan to get you there!

Do you have relationship, parenting or communication issues?

I will guide you to get clear on the issues, we will problem solve the situation together, and put together a plan for moving forward.
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Book a time with me

When you book a session with me, I sit with you to listen to and understand your story, situation & concerns, and explore how you are feeling through self-reflection and awareness. Together, we then use a number of tools and techniques to clearly understand your values, priorities, desires and current challenges.
We’ll work through and clarify what your desired life, relationships and future looks like. I then support you to determine your goal/s, discuss motivation techniques, and clearly define the steps to achieve these goals. I will walk alongside you and be your biggest cheerleader!

1:1 session fee is $150
Got questions? Check out my FAQs or get in touch via the options below. You can book a free 15-min Inquiry call or full 1:1 Session!
Laura Petrie, a trained counsellor and certified life coach.
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Laura Petrie Counsellor

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Acknowledgement of Country

I acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Peoples as the First and traditional custodians of the Australian lands. I pay my respect to their ongoing relationship with the land, waters, kin, and community, including all Elders past, present, and emerging. I am committed to walking alongside First Nations Peoples towards reconciliation.